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Monday, July 13, 2009

JOIN THIS FACEBOOK CAUSE! Defending and Vindicating Lee Harvey Oswald--Patsy, Hero and Patriot

Defending and Vindicating Lee Harvey Oswald -- Patsy, Hero and Patriot
Oswald was framed. Accused of shooting JFK, then murdered, our sold-out media trumpets the "Official Version." New witnesses and evidence is ignored. The eye-opening truth MUST be defended! Edit
Lee Harvey Oswald, accused of shooting Kennedy, was actually an innocent man used as a patsy. A new government came into power through a Coup.
Oswald, who admired Herbert Philbrick (FBI double agent) worked for our government and served as a spy in the USSR. This made it easy to frame him.
Oswald then was silenced 48 hours later because he knew too much. His killer's ties to Mafia were hidden for years. Planted evidence fooled us.
The government 'proved' 'only' Oswald was guilty and never looked elsewhere. We are still told Oswald was the 'only' gunman. New evidence is ignored.
New witnesses are quashed, lied about, persecuted, and threatened. Here, they -- and Oswald -- will have a voice.
When President John Kennedy was shot, in 1963, the US entered a different kind of government system, starting with aTexas President and including more two Presidents from Texas after that, who dragged the US into three wars, killing millions, and changing America into a more violent nation. Kennedy opposed the Vietnam War and the military-industrial complex that benefited from it. JFK was murdered in Texas and Lee Harvey Oswald was framed as 'sole assassin' within a few hours, and made to take the blame. Then, 48 hours after his arrest, he was shot by a Mafia henchman. Today we know the CIA and Mafia worked together in assasinations at that time. The CIA admitted it in 2008. Even today, media and Wikipedia present ONLY the "official" version, ignoring new evidence and new witnesses as to Oswald's innocence, thereby protecting those leaders and secret agencies who allowed JFK to be killed so they could have their wars and promote their form of government. Only recently do we have hope that the truth will out, and that Oswald -- actually a patriot -- will be exonerated and vindicated, with the ARRB and new witnesses and evidence proving Oswald was actually working for the US government, as well as the fact that he tried to warn the FBI and secret service that the President might be killed. For this, he had to die. Your help will help promote peace and expose the injustice done to Oswald and all Americans -- as well as to innocent people worldwide affected by US war policies ever since --when the Coup d'Etat took place (which of course, being investigated by the government that benefited, would never --and can never allow anyone but Oswald to take the blame). Your membership and support will help us protect, preserve and expose the truth -- and help America to become a more peaceful nation, as those who were in powerr --and their heirs-- are exposed for who they were. We must act now, while witnesses are still alive, before history is rewritten forever, blaming an innocent man who actually loved his country and admired JFK, while allowing the rea killers to govern America without being identified or punished. We will see how long this Cause s allowed to exist! That will be a gauge as to how much freedom of speech actually remains in America, and in the Free World.

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