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Sunday, August 14, 2011

How "Facts" About Lee Harvey Oswald Can Obscure the Truth

As a witness, in the beginning, I had conflicts with various researchers who had never met Lee Oswald. When I first spoke out, several researchers questioned me who believed firmly in "Harvey and Lee" as two distinct individuals who were used at the same time for years by the CIA. They told me that many facts had come out about the person I knew as "Lee" proving he was really "Harvey" --despite the fact that Lee told me he disliked his middle name and had ceased writing it out, using just the initial, unless required to do so for legal or job interview purposes.

I was given "facts" about Lee that I was told were set-in-stone concerning "Harvey" and how he was betrayed, framed and impersonated in Dallas.

I had no way to know what had happened in Dallas, except through what "experts" told me: I'd avoided reading anything about the assassination until just ready to speak out. I remember stating that "Lee may have taken the gun with him in the hope of gunning down the fake Lee Harvey Oswald" when told that "Lee" was framing him at that time. These statements, and other statements that now look to me quite silly, were in response to what i was told about this hostile fellow "Lee." My confused speculations were based on the "facts" I was given --that "two Oswalds" had existed for many years. it is obvious that Lee was impersonated in Dallas after he moved there. And Lee, himself, told me that he had been impersonated when he was in Mexico City by somebody back in Texas, to make sure he had a "cover" and could deny any activity in Mexico/Mexico City. He, himself, used fake names, as well.

I was not in Dallas, and in my naive ignorance, thought I had received correct information.

Now that I have read all the pertinent information possible, it is plain to me that those who advocate a "Harvey and Lee" scenario that includes two boys selected from late childhood by the CIA, must then reject the truth: Lee telling me that in various ways the CIA had created a plausible "past" for him that even included fake job histories, so upon his return to the US, from the USSR, he would be able to resume a normal life.

Whenever necessary, he would be able to hide his nearly three years spent in the USSR. As for the past, his own mother had created a fake birth certificate by means of a Mafia lawyer close to her and her sister Lillian. And she had done more than that.

The many faked records about Lee, compounded with the usual 'tips' that abound whenever a murder is committed (and in the case of JFK, tips REALLY abounded!) are taken at face value by some researchers as 'evidence" that two boys, "Harvey" and "Lee" existed and were raised to be able to impersonate each other.

This allows the real impersonators to be ignored. They won't be identified and their actual identities thus remain unknown. Yes, there was more than one, even though one particular person posed as Lee in the Texas theater, for example. These researchers do not seem to realize that cover stories, cover jobs, and fake records were means used by the agencies to protect their own, and that not every record could be called accurate, unbiased, or authentic.

I deeply respect the work of researchers in accumulating this information. How it is interpreted, however, sometimes leaves much to desire.

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