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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Letters to the Cyborgs: Lee Oswald's Science Fiction Story to be Published in 2016!

Letters to the Cyborgs is a collection of some 25 science fiction short stories that I've written over a period of years, but with a twist: they are now linked together by today's inventions --inventions that perhaps never should have seen the light of day.
We have many examples of irresponsible, dangerous and lethal inventions in the past, such as the mishandling of nuclear power to create bombs and unsafe nuclear power plants that also produce nuclear wastes which will induce biological and environmental disasters when the aging canisters holding these wastes burst open at the bottom of many sea-beds -- just to name one of many problems about to visit our children and theirs.

Letters to the Cyborgs brings us face to face with a series of possible future worlds where our irresponsible tinkering with genetic codes and our reckless empowerment of artificial intelligence into robotics, with scant thought about ethical consequences, brings humanity face to face with the powerful and frightening results.

Lee Harvey Oswald, who was my lover in 1963, and who was innocent of all charges brought against him, loved science fiction, as did I.  We both hoped to write science fiction stories, and I was fortunate to have a copy of Lee's only finished science fiction  story.  It's called "Her Way" and has been erroneously misreported as a book, though it was only a short story. I re-typed Lee's story so that it could be published, using pink paper for the carbon copies (paper from my former husband's parents' realtor's office: Their business colors were black and pink).  I fixed many spelling errors, and a few grammar errors, but his dialogue was really good, he had read so much science fiction that he was very familiar with the lingo, and I saw that he had talent But before any thought of such a venture could go beyond that stage, Lee became immersed in infiltrating a plot to kill President John F. Kennedy. And they killed him.
I lost the love of my life. Though it got him killed, today we are certain that because of his efforts, JFK's life was saved in Chicago (see Abraham Bolden's testimony in JFK and the Unspeakable -the excellent book by James Douglass, and Bolden's own book, The Echo in  Dealey Plaza) Below, Abraham and I are exchanging books, in Nov. 2013.

Thanks to Trine Day Books, not only will Lee's story now finally be published to the world, but my vision of possible tomorrows, filled with unprecedented levels of horror and unforeseen cataclysms, will also reach the public.  Letters is a warning, a blueprint and a guide to a frightening sequence of events about to descend on humanity -- and with today's loose view of ethical standards and a lack of reasonable restraints on the handling (mishandling) of our biological treasures, the future is indeed bleak. As I've tried to warn my children -- our only hope might be with what I call "the ferals" -- remnants of humanity that might survive the Cyborg Revolution. How? Only if they manage to hoard essentials, put together reliable but undetectable energy sources, and carve out a secret life in underground places, where a black light, an understanding of termites or fungi, and keeping very, very quiet just might come in handy.

I have sped up events: all predictions about flying cars, etc. were woefully ahead of Real Time--but eventually, humanity will have to face The Singularity --unless we have returned to a tribal state because of blowing each other to pieces.

.In the meantime, assuming the Powers That Be will continue their penchant for  a One World system of ultimate control and that their agenda to apparently feudalize the world's population will continue (and it seems that it will), to engulf the earth, technology and control over most freedoms will move to take over, based on inventions that will be applied faster than we should allow. Humankind faces a dystopian future loaded with all the technology and genetic engineering stunts that money, greed and a lust for power can buy, which will spawn the nightmare world I write about. It will take time. And unless we exercise wisdom, courage and a fierce commitment to freedom, our demise will come stealthily but surely: the Beast, slouching its unerring way, as Yeats wrote, to Jerusalem.

God save us. 
Art by poet/atist William Blake

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